Vietnam War 1965-1975

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Free Download, Modern Wars, Scenario

This is an older scenario that covers the Vietnam War on a strategic level. The map is pretty uggly but it can still be fun to play.

  • Players: 2 players. Peoples Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam) and Front National Liberte (FNL) against Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) and USA. Other powers involved are China, USSR, North Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Pathet Lao, Khmer Rouge, South Korea, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, New Zeeland and Australia.
  • AI Capable: The scenario is semi AI capable.
  • Engine: AT
  • Events: Major political events. Concepts simulated are strategic bombing, guerilla uprising, weather, Montagnards, Khmer Rouge, Pathet Lao, Sabotage action, Vietnamization, USA, USSR and PDRC economic and war equipment aid, North Vietnam territorial waters, US support for Lao government, Thai mercenaries, smuggling into south Vietnam, intel OPS operations, communist agitation, units from the Free World allies etc.
  • Production: Yes. Each side controls ca 30K production.
  • Scale: Strategic, units on a division/regiment scale with Corps/Army HQs. Each round represents 2 months. Scenario starts in 1965. Map size: 66*104.
  • Availability: Free download here.

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