The First Punic War

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Ancient Wars, Free Download, Scenario

This is a strategic scenario covering the first Punic War between Carthage and Rome between 264-241 BC. The war was fought mainly in Sicily and Africa, but was also a naval war.

  • Players: 1-3. Carthage, Rome & Syracuse (Syracuse is to small to play as human).
  • AI Capable: Yes.
  • Engine: AT.
  • Events: There are some political elements. Not many static events, but a lot of changes to the rules. The focus on the scenario is to recreate the style of ancient wargaming. Campaigns will be dangerous, attrition high, cities difficult to conquer with lots of siege action. Armies will be large but with low counter density. Events include storms at sea, attrition in mountainous and desert landscapes, political disorder, drought, mercenary desertions etc.
  • Production. Conventional production but limited by manpower, except for mercenaries.
  • Scale: Strategic with legion/phalanx sized units. Each round represents 6 months of fighting and the scenario lasts 23 years. Map size 65*59.
  • Availability: Free download through this link.

Messina straits


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