Kanev – Parachutes across Dniepr

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Free Download, Scenario, World War II

This scenario simulates the largest Soviet Airborne operation in World War II. The battle was one of the most dramatic during the soviet crossing of the river Dniepr in september 1943. Operation Zitadelle has failed and Army Group South is withdrawing towards the Dniepr and better defensive positions. As the germans retreat a gap opens up between the german 8th and 6th armies. As the germans withdraw soviet forces reach the river crossings in the Bukrin loop. In an attempt to impede the german buildup and facilitate the crossing of the river to secure a major bridgehead on the far side of the river the Stavka decides to release the 1st Airborne Corps.

  • Players: 1-2.
  • AI Capable: Yes, at least with the AI playing the Soviets.
  • Engine: AT.
  • Events: Some. arrival of airsupport, placement of partisans and paratroppers (if playing against AI).
  • Production: None. Historical reinforcements.
  • Scale: Operational. Units are between company to brigade level with divisional and corps level HQs. Each round is one day of fighting and the scenario last 10 days. Map size 21*24.
  • Availability: Free download through this link. This scenario is a part of the OCS (Operational combat series and share graphics and rulechanges with them).

    Soviet starting position



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