War in the Aegean: The Dodecanese campaign 1943

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Scenario, World War II

War in the Aegean is a simulation of the sea, ground and air battles that raged in the Dodecanese Islands from September to November 1943. With the confusion surrounding the surrender of Italy, seizing those islands struck Churchill as easy pickings, with a vast potential for future Allied operations. A single British brigade, the 234th, began a bold island hopping campaign. In time, the Germans countered and checked the advance, first at the island of Kos, and then later at Leros. The war in the Aegean highlighted a clash of weapons systems, with the Luftwaffe controlling the air while the Royal Navy dominated the seas.

The scenario is loosely based on this board game

  • Players: 1-2. Axis vs Allied (British, Italian, Polish, Greek etc).
  • AI: Capable: Yes, should be. But AI does not handle all events.
  • Engine: AT.
  • Events: Some. Minelaying, rules for Italian surrender etc.
  • Production: Only supply, historical reinforcements.
  • Scale: Operational. Units are at battalion level with brigade or division HQs. Each round represent 4 days. Map size 33*58.
  • Availability: Through donation.

    The Dodecanese


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