White Death – Velikiye Luki, Stalingrad of the north

Posted: June 7, 2011 in Scenario, World War II

This scenario simulates the initial soviet offensive around Velikiye Luki in november-december 1942 on the eastern front. The 3rd Shock Army with units from the 2nd Mhz Corps, 8th Estonian Rifle Corps and the 5th Guards Shock Corps attacked the area around Velikiye Luki which initially was only defended by two understrength german divisions and the garrison troops nearby. The german AG Center quickly sent what reinforcements they could muster to save Velikiye Luki and the important railway running through it.

The scenario is loosely based on this board game.

  • Players: 1-2.
  • AI Capable: Yes, at least with the AI playing USSR.
  • Engine: AT.
  • Events: Some scenario variants, weather, forced march option for the USSR, board game (free) setup, VP counts losses.
  • Production: None except historical reinforcements.
  • Scale: Operational. Units are generally regiment or battalion with division or corps HQs. Each round lasts 2 days and the campaign 24 days. Map size is 49*39.
  • Availability: Through donation. This scenario is part of the Operational combat series and as such share some graphics and rules with the other scenarios in that series.

    Observation Battalion!


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