Case Blue – Edge of the World

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Free Download, Scenario, World War II

This is a small tactical scenario simulating Armygroup A:s drive towards Grozny in the autumn 1942. It’s an introductory scenario for the full Case Blue campaign and only uses a small portion of the map and with low counter density.

  • Players: 1-2.
  • AI Capability: Yes, as Soviet Union.
  • Engine: AT/ATG. (its packaged and saved in ATG but i can supply an old AT version if desired) 
  • Events: Weather, two different scenario options.
  • Production: A mix of production and historical replacements.
  • Scale: Units are mostly divisions with some regiments and battalions. HQs are Corps or Army sized.  Each round simualtes five day of fightings. The map is 125*105 but only a small portion of it is used. Each hex is 5km across.
  • Availability: Available through download link here. Needs the graphics from Case Blue installed.

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