Fire in the East

Posted: June 9, 2011 in Scenario, World War II

 On the 22 of June 1941 the Axis powers led by Germany attacked the Soviet Union. More than 4,5 million troops participated in the invasion over a 2 900 km front. The germans who had still not put their industry or country on a proper war footing were counting on the sucess of previous campaigns for a quick and decisive resolution to the campaign. The Soviet Union had watched the relations with Germany decline fast. Still Stalin would not believe that Germany would attack. Consequently the Red Army, Airforce and Navy were unprepared for the attack. The Red Army was in the midst of a major reorganization and were woefully unprepared for fighting a major campaign.

 This scenario simulates the campaign on the eastern front from June 1941 to 1944.

  • Players: 1-6 (Axis vs Soviet Union or AG Nord, Mitte & Süd vs NW, W and SW Directions).
  • AI Capable. Yes. It should be noted though that the AI takes a long time to resolve its round. If you play with all fronts active it takes a couple of hours at least. On my computer the AI playing one front takes about 1 hour. Dont try to play this scenario on a older computer.
  • Engine: ATG. There exists a really old AT version if someone is interested.
  • Events: A lot of events. Weather,  Research, Guard & SS units, an extensive political system, prewar reconnoisance, polish forces, artic, pacific and mideastern lend lease, minefields, factory evacuation, use of captured armored fighting vehicles, offensives, access to swedish railway system, 10+ different partisan groups, cossack recruitment, railway conversion, 10 or so scenario variants and a lot of hidden events.
  • Production: A mix of historical reinforcements for the first 30 or so rounds, production and units added through events.
  • Scale: Units are mainly divisions or regiments with corps or army HQs. A round represents 4 days of fighting. Map size 248*295.
  • Availability: Through donation. Also includes scenarios Guderians Blitzkrieg and Battle for Tula.

Here is a link to a forum thread on Matrixgames that details the creation of this scenario. It contains a lot more information on the scenario and some screenshots.


  • Map overview

  1. Phil McGregor says:

    FitE sounds very interesting. How do I make a donation (and how much)?

    • grymme says:


      You send a couple of bucks ($) to my paypal account. Grymme @ hotmail . com. Then i send you the password. The amount has been interpreted as minimum 2$ but there is no upper limit. The most i have gotten is 10$ (i think) and some guy who sent me a computer game. If you dont have paypal it can be done via an international money order or working it out in some other way (like the guy who suggested sending me a computer game). But i dont accept livestock as payment 🙂

  2. Phil McGregor says:

    There seems to be an issue with the FITE Scenario …

    I have tried it on three computers, an older Desktop with 4 MB RAM and
    NVIDIA GForce 240 Video Card running Windows XP with all updates
    installed, a HP Laptop with 4 MB of memory and a 1 GB separate
    Graphics card running Windows 7, and a Dell XPS15z with 8 GB of RAM
    and NVIDIA GeForce 525m Graphics card also running Windows 7.

    I can load the scenario fine. Everything works … right up to when I
    hit the end turn key. Depending on the system (in order listed above)
    it grinds slowly through turn events and supply phases (which takes
    anywhere from an hour for the Desktop down to around 30 minutes for
    the XPS15z) and then goes into turn initialisation and … well, does
    *nothing* … for hours … and hours … and hours.

    I even left the desktop running all night, in excess of eight hours,
    and it was still in turn initialisation the next morning.

    Other scenarios that are quite large run fine on all three test computers.

    I am running ATG V2.60b (the latest version).

    Any idea of what may be the problem? Bad file? Some setting that I
    need to set some way other than what I may have? Not tested with
    Windows 7 or ATG V2.60b? Anything?

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