Athens & Sparta

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Ancient Wars, Free Download, Scenario

Athens & Sparta covers the Second Peloponnesian war, Only Athens and Sparta are playable. There are also five small neutral regimes.

Potidea joined the Delian League and later Athenian control. Corinth sought to recover her colony in 432, occupying the city, provoking the war. The game starts with Potidea under siege and blockade by Athenian forces. Potidea is located on the Gulf of Therma and has no access to the Gulf of Torona.

This scenario is loosely based on the Boardgame with the same name.

  • Players: 1-2. Athens and Sparta are playable but there are also the minor powers of Syracuse, Crete, Argos, Thracia and Macedonia on the map.
  • AI Capable: Difficult to say.
  • Engine: ATG
  • Evens & Variants: No events or variants but some special rules, for example there is no supply in the game.
  • Production & Research: Normal production.
  • Scale: Map size is 15*16. Each hex is approximatly 30 miles, each SFT represents ca 100 men or 2 tiremes.
  • Availability: Free download through here.

    Ancient Greece





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