War Zone C: Operations Cedar Falls & Attleboro

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Free Download, Modern Wars, Scenario

To the northwest of Saigon lay the “Iron Triangle”, a bastion of insurgency for more than 20 years. A series of operations beginning in late 1966 were initiated to clear the area of NLF bases. They were somewhat successful in disrupting VC operations, but as soon as the US forces left the NLF would return. The scenario begins in October 1966 and ends after March 1967. It is 5,5 rounds long. The play area includes Hau Nghia, Tayn Ninh, Phuoc Long, Binh Duong and Cambodia.

This is a small to medium introductory scenario in my VG:s Vietnam series. It doesnt have any of the political or production rules of the campaign game but is more for someone who wants to take a look at the combat system and the historical units used.

There are no conventional victory conditions in this scenario but after the game is over the Communist side gets Victory points according to how many cities and capitols he has held during the game, how many kills and losses he has had and how many replacement points he and his oponents has been forced to spent. Victory points are also subtracted if the Free World player manages to keep provinces free of units.

One way to determine a winner in human vs human play is to play the scenario twice and see whom can collect most VPs as the communist player.

  • Players: 2.
  • AI Capable: There is a communist AI variant. The AI is playing at a beginner level.
  • Engine: ATG.
  • Events & Variants: Weather, replacements, Defensive Air Support & Rangers. The scenario has historical equipment & units.
  • Production & Research: Normal production, some reinforcements and replacements.
  • Scale: Each round represent one month of fighting. The scenario lasts 6 rounds. Each hex is 10 km. Units are battalion or regiment with with Brigade or Division HQs. Map size is 72*108 but only a part of the map is used.
  • Availability: Free download here.

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