Easter Offensive (1972)

Posted: October 8, 2011 in Modern Wars, Scenario

The next major NLF offensive after Tet took place in early 1972. The US had withdrawn virtuallt all its ground formations by this time, but her airpower remained and was to prove decisive. The scenario begins in december 1971 and lasts 7 months.

This scenario comes with a semi historical setup. But there are also two scenario variants that allow for a more free deployment of the forces of either the Free World, the Communist side or both.

The ARVN start with 10 infantry divisions of which six are augmented, and the Marine and Paratrooper Divisions. In addition there are 18 augmented battalions, 3 armored brigades and 7 artillery battalions. Five Ranger battalions are deployed. All provincial capitals are defended by provincial battalions.

As for the Free World allies the US starts with the 196th Brigade and the 11th Armored in Da Nang. The first brigade of 1st Cavalry Division and a Mechanized Battalion are stationed in Bien Hoa. Strong Korean forces in the form of the Capitol Division and the 9th Division hold the central highland coast. The Free World is supported by 80 air points.

The NVA has a total of 9 divisions, six of which are augmented with a tank battalion. 3 independent regiment augmented by tank battalions and another un-augmented independent regiment. There are also 3 independent artillery battalions. The VC forces include 3 whole Divisions, another 3 independent regiments, 45 battalions and 15 companies.

  • Players: 1-2.
  • AI Capable: The AI can play either side. If the AI is playing the Communist side the communist AI variant should be choosen. The AI is playing at a beginner level.
  • Engine: ATG.
  • Events & Variants: Weather, replacements, Defensive Air Support & Rangers, Regional and Popular Force militia. The scenario has historical equipment & units.
  • Production & Research: Normal production, some reinforcements and replacements.
  • Scale: Each round represent one month of fighting. The scenario lasts 7 rounds (of which one is a purely manouver month). Each hex is 10 km. Units are battalion or regiment with with Brigade or Division HQs. Map size is 72*108. The whole map is used.
  •  Availability: Through donation. Included in the Vietnam scenario pack.

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