The Fall of South Vietnam (1975)

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Modern Wars, Scenario

By 1975 all US formations were long gone. US aid had continued, but in dwindling quantities. Many US aircraft had been given to the South Vietnamese, but the training and morale did not exist to use them effectively. All it took was a push from the NLF to send the Saigon government toppling. The scenario begins in january 1975 and  ends at the start of july 1975. The entire map is the play area.

  • Players: 1-2.
  • AI Capable: The AI can play either side. If the AI is playing the Communist side the communist AI variant should be choosen. The AI is playing at a beginner level.
  • Engine: ATG.
  • Events & Variants: Weather, replacements, Defensive Air Support & Rangers, Regional and Popular Force militia. The scenario has historical equipment & units.
  • Production & Research: Normal production, some replacements.
  • Scale: Each round represent one month of fighting. The scenario lasts 7 rounds (of which one is a purely manouver month). Each hex is 10 km. Units are battalion or regiment with with Brigade or Division HQs. Map size is 72*108. The whole map is used.
  • Availability: Through donation. Included in the Vietnam scenario pack.

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