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The Battle of Mollwitz was fought by Prussia and Austria on April 10, 1741, during the early stages of the War of the Austrian Succession. It was the first battle of the new Prussian King Frederick II, in which both sides made numerous military blunders but Frederick the Great still managed to attain victory. This battle cemented his authority over the newly conquered territory of Silesia and gave him valuable military experience.

This is a really small scenario covering the Battle of Mollwitz in 1941 between Prussia and Austria.

Basicly its a tactical scenario. Each player controls either the Prussian or Austrian army and try to grab hold to four of the six VP locations to win the scenario.

  • Players: 1-2.
  • AI Capable: Yes.
  • Engine: ATG.
  • Events & Variants: No events, some rule changes. There are basicly five SFTs. Infantry, Cavalry, Officers, Cannons and Horses.
  • Production & Research: No production or research.
  • Scale: The whole battle took place over one day. Each unit represents 2-4 infantry battalions or cavalry squadrons with flank HQs. Map size is 11*10.
  • Availability: Free download here.

    Austrian setup


Balkan War 1912

Posted: June 11, 2011 in 1600-1914, Scenario

This scenario simulates the war between the Ottoman Empire and the Balkan Legaue (Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and Montenegro) in 1912.

  • Players: 1-5. (Ottoman Empire vs Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and Greece (altgough Montenegro is most likely to small for a human player to bother with).
  • AI Capable: Yes. Quite challenging to play as the Ottoman Empire vs the others.
  • Engine: ATG.
  • Events & Variants: Ottoman partisans and three different variants offering each side a small advantage or letting the Balkan League be played by a single player.
  • Production & Research: Conventional production but no research.
  • Scale: Units are regiments or brigades with corps or army HQs. Each round represents 10 days of fighting. Map size 46*40.
  • Availability: Through donation.

    Map overview



This is an operational scenario covering the Russian invasion of the Ottoman Empire in 1877-1878. It is inspired by the boardgame scenario with the same name. The scenario is 20 rounds long.

  • Players: 1-2.
  • AI Capable: Semi capable, but without the functionality of actioncards.
  • Engine: AT.
  • Events: Some events and  action card driven events such as partisans, persian intervention, national will etc.
  • Production: Yes, conventional production.
  • Scale: Units are divisional with Corps HQs. Map size is 50*28 and each round represent 15 days.
  • Availability: Through donation. The scenario uses some graphics from the Great War scenario.

    Turkish defenses in the Balkans


A small strategic simulation of the war between Paraguay and the Triple Alliance between 1864-1870. The scenario is loosely based on a board gamewith the same name
  • Number of players: 2
  • AI Capable: Yes. The AI can play Paraguay. Maybe the Tripple Alliance (if you are a novice player).
  • Engine: AT.
  • Events: Not many. Reinforcements, the Matto Grazo invasion and the Mendoza Rebellion are simulated. There are a couple of game options.
  • Production: No. The Triple Alliance receives automatic reinforcements. Paraguay doesn’t receive any.
  • Scale: Strategic, units at battalion scale with division HQs. Each round represents 80 days. Scenario lasts 10 rounds (12 with extended game option). Map size: 23*26.
  • Availability: Through donation.