Vietnam: 1965-1975 simulates the military and political aspects of the United States involvement in Vietnam from june 1965 on to may 1975. One player controls the resources of the United States, South Vietnam, and their allies. The other player controls the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam and the Democratic Republic of (North) Vietnam.

If you are interested in the scenario you can always download the free scenario Battle for I Corps which is an operational scenario based on an early version of this scenario.

  • Players: 1-2.
  • AI Capable: Yes, but only as the communist side. The AI cannot play the Free World side. But i have scripted an AI that plays the communist side reasonably well. And the AI follows the normal rules concerning commitment, morale and supply (but not population). 
  • Engine: ATG.
  • Events & Variants: Weather, limited intelligence, The Ho Chi Minh Trail, Sea Supply, Korean, Thai, Australian, Phillipine & ANZAC Free World Allies, pacification, politics, heads of state, military coups, political unrest, ARVN inneffectivness, inducing coups, morale, commitment, military supplies, population, draft, infiltrating recruits to the south, New Jersey, Cruisers, Naval Blockade, Strategic Bombing, Defensive Air support, Withdrawal of US units, Forced Withdrawal, Final Withdrawal, Offensives, Rangers, Regional and Popular Forces, Replacements, Dispersal of guerilla units, historical units etc.
  • Production & Research: No research. Production is done through deployment of units by actioncard, replacements and to some degree by normal production.
  • Scale: Each round represent one month of fighting. The scenario lasts 120 rounds. Each hex is 10 km. Units are battalion or regiment with with Brigade or Division HQs. Map size is 72*108.
  • Availability: Only through donation. There is however a 1 year trial version  of the scenario that is free to download. This scenario lasts 12 rounds and is not password protected.

Scenario and briefing can be downloadable here. But scenario is password protected.

Here are links to an After Action Report from the scenario and a thread about its creation with some more screenshots.


Battle for I Corps

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Free Download, Modern Wars, Scenario

The I Corps area in Southern Vietnam are the five provinces closest to the Demilitarized Zone and North Vietnam. Battle in this area during the later parts of the Vietnam war was fierce. This scenario represents the fighting in this area during parts of 1967-68.

This is a small to medium introductory scenario in my VG:s Vietnam series. It doesnt have any of the political or production rules of the campaign game but is more for someone who wants to take a look at the combat system and the historical units used.

There are no conventional victory conditions in this scenario but after the game is over the Communist side gets Victory points according to how many cities and capitols he has held during the game, how many kills and losses he has had and how many replacement points he and his oponents has been forced to spent. One way to determine a winner in human vs human play is to play the scenario twice and see whom can collect most VPs as the communist player.

  • Players: 2.
  • AI Capable: Maybe, but untested and the AI will not understand replacements.
  • Engine: ATG.
  • Events & Variants: Weather and replacements. The scenario has historical equipment & units.
  • Production & Research: Normal production, some reinforcements and replacements.
  • Scale: Each round represent one month of fighting. The scenario lasts 5,5 rounds. Each hex is 10 km. Units are battalion or regiment with with Brigade or Division HQs. Map size is 72*108 but only ca 20% of the map is used.
  • Availability: Free download here.

Questions & Answers

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

I do get a lot of email and questions on the forums. Here are some answers and also some things i myself just wanted to say.

  •  How do i donate to get a scenario?
  • The easiest way is to send money via paypal to my account: grymme @ hotmail . com. Other methods are international money order, send money via the ordinary mail system or to do as one guy did – send me something i want. If you are interested in a scenario we will work it out.
  • How much should i donate?
  • There are no maximum or minimum. A couple of $ has generally been interpreted by people as 2$ minimum for FITE and some of the other bigger scenarios. For the smaller ones 1$ is just enough. The most i have gotten is around 25-30 Euros.
  •  What happens after i donate?
  • I send you the password or files to the email i have recieved.
  • How many people have done this and why do you “charge money for some of your scenarios?
  • Approximatly 50-60+ people have done this (november 2011) so its not exactly a money maker.  I am not primarily in it for the money, but i spend so much time doing this that i felt i wanted something back and i wanted to see if i could code a scenario good enough for people to pay for. i did ask Vic for permission first. My hope is that it will some day at least cover the cost of doing research for the scenarios.
  • I want your scenario in the next release, how do i do it?
  • Actually one of my scenarios is in DC:WTP. But generally i have found that i very much like to do scenarios “my own way”. I might not be so easy to cooperate with. That being said there have in the past been discussions of including scenarios in releases, we will see what happens. There is also issues with including scenarios with potentially copyrighted pictures in commercial projects.
  • Where do i find the free scenario files, FITE files etc?
  • All files are located in the same folder : here .
  • I have a question about AT/ATG in general or one of your scenarios!
  • If the question is about one of my scenarios send me an email or a PM on the matrix forums. As for general questions, i do get a lot of emails but have very little free time so it might be better to post an open question on the matrix forums.
  • What is  your next project?
  • Keep an eye out on the matrix forums.
  • What are the most popular scenarios?
  • The by far most popular scenario bundle is Fire in The East (around 25+ people have it) followed by Vietnam (10+ people) and Deutche Afrika Korps (15+ people). I sometimes send people a couple of extra old scenarios also, so i would guess that a lot of people have some of the older scenarios.



Singapore 1942

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Free Download, Scenario, World War II

This is a smallish tactical scenario covering the japanese invasion of  british “the Gibraltar of the East”, namely Singapore. The attacking Japanese 25th Army had no particular advantage in manpower. But the japanese were better trained, had higher morale, some armor and a crushing air superiority.

The scenario is somewhat of a ripoff from an old TOAWIII scenario.

  • Players: 1-2.
  • AI Capable: Yes, with the AI playing Great Britain. Its not very good at defending the beaches though.
  • Engine: ATG.
  • Events & Variants: None. But the scenario has historical equipment. Ships move double the normal speed.
  • Production & Research: Normal production, but either side can only produce infantry so heavy equipment cannot be replaced. No research.
  • Scale: Each round represent one day of fighting. The scenario lasts 16 rounds. Each hex is 2,5km. Units are battalion with Regiment or Division HQs. Map size is 39*19.
  • Availability: Free download here.


  • Map overview

In the download folder of this website i have also placed a couple of other bits & pieces that can be used for the game.

Currently there are

  • A NATO counterset used in some of my scenarios.
  • A large 148*148 map of the Pacific theater.

They can be downloaded here.

This is an operational scenario about the southern arm of the german drive for Moscow in winter 1941. The scenario starts on the 14th of october and lasts until mid december. The scenario is 13 rounds long.

The scenario is loosely inspired by the boardgame with the same name.

  • Players: 1-2.
  • AI Capable: Yes.
  • Engine: ATG
  • Events & Variants: Weather, Bryansk Armored Train, Axis & Soviet Advantage variants.
  • Production & Research: A mix of production and historical reinforcements.
  • Scale: Each round represents 4 days of fighting. Units are mostly on a division or regiment scale with some battalions. HQs are corps or army level. Map size 56*54.
  • Availability: Comes free together with FITE because they have the same password.
  • Map overview



Athens & Sparta

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Ancient Wars, Free Download, Scenario

Athens & Sparta covers the Second Peloponnesian war, Only Athens and Sparta are playable. There are also five small neutral regimes.

Potidea joined the Delian League and later Athenian control. Corinth sought to recover her colony in 432, occupying the city, provoking the war. The game starts with Potidea under siege and blockade by Athenian forces. Potidea is located on the Gulf of Therma and has no access to the Gulf of Torona.

This scenario is loosely based on the Boardgame with the same name.

  • Players: 1-2. Athens and Sparta are playable but there are also the minor powers of Syracuse, Crete, Argos, Thracia and Macedonia on the map.
  • AI Capable: Difficult to say.
  • Engine: ATG
  • Evens & Variants: No events or variants but some special rules, for example there is no supply in the game.
  • Production & Research: Normal production.
  • Scale: Map size is 15*16. Each hex is approximatly 30 miles, each SFT represents ca 100 men or 2 tiremes.
  • Availability: Free download through here.

    Ancient Greece